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October 27, 2020 - BY Admin

AePS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) Application Source Code and Development

Hit by the Coronavirus slum followed by social removing and a cross country lockdown, businesses are encountering significant effects regardless of how established they are, but we have come across with an amazing solution for you because we know that the effect on new companies or independent ventures can be much more ruthless as they have more difficulty in saving the money and a smaller margin for managing sudden slumps. If you want to start a Mini Bank Business, then this software developed by us is only for you. Mini Bank Business gives opportunity and secure banking with unlimited benefits at an affordable price. Mini Bank Business provides professional services and there are many advantages and we have developed a software for the same.

This application is a highly secured web application and mobile application. We have developed this application with the PHP-Laravel framework. PHP-Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, inventive syntax. The development of this software is a pleasant innovative experience and it's really rewarding. Laravel endeavors to remove the torment from advancement by facilitating normal errands utilized in most of the web projects, for example, verification, sessions, routing, and catching. Laravel expects to make the improvement cycle a satisfying one for the developers without sacrificing application functionality. Happy developers make the best code. To this end, we've endeavored to join the absolute best of what we have seen in another web framework.

We can assure you that, 90% of large software developers will not achieve competitive advantage through their mobile strategies during the next three years, but we have already developed a strong and secure application software through which you can provide service to master distributors and to retailers in the market. We will also provide you the source code for this complete web application and mobile application, and we can also solve all your support, maintenance, and API Integration related queries. You can completely rely on our application, as we provide you Aadhar enabled payment system (AEPS). AEPS is an Indian payment system prospered by the National Cooperation of India, AEPS is a bank-led model which allows financial transactions through cash deposits, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and remittance based on unique identification number at POS (point of scale/ Micro ATM) provided by the Banking correspondent. The best AEPS software source code for web and mobile application is used, that is, trusted by all banks and earn on every transaction. We will provide the APES application source code for your Mini Bank Business, which will have an end-to-end solution for AEPS, BBPs, UPI, Payment Gateway, and a lot more in real-time settlement and quick transaction.  AEPS application development uses AEPS transactions that are card-less and pin-less, an individual can transact digitally through fingerprint authentication. Aadhar enabled payment system is one of the most prominent technologies that will through AEPS software source code provide you facilities that is available in the AEPS banking model.

Our application also provides services like money transfer, mobile recharge, bill payment, and pan card, etc. we have worked a lot on this AEPS application development to help you start your Mini Banking Business. We provide services like money transfer and mobile recharge, as we all know that how this pandemic affected us all and these are the basic requirements of our lives while we are in the cross-country lockdown. Many of us are separated from our families and the world is on temporary hiatus which we don’t know how long it will take to end. Also, many elderly people in our homes couldn’t have had access to money, so our application promises to transfer money and allow you to do the payment for bills and mobile recharges within seconds. All the payments can be done digitally and our application also provides you pan card services and many other needs of yours. Not only this, we can assure you that we will provide you services at your convenience. According to your needs, we can change this whole software and we can upgrade the software as well. We will fix bugs and glitches in the app if there will be any. We can also design this software according to your need. We believe in the customer’s comfort level comes before anything. we promise you to help you with all the things that you’re looking for. Our application also uses the framework of DMT app development which helps the software to run smoothly and provide you services like APES. The term DMT stands for Domestic Money Transfer, meaning, unrest in the field of money transfer.

Our application is made to provide you the easiest way to use this application, as our app provides mobile recharges and bill payment services, this application includes separate portals and we will provide you recharge and bill payment portal source code as well to make it easier for customers and even for noobs. We have worked a lot on recharge and bill payment portal development to make your experience better and for us to feel the enormous joy while providing you with as many services as possible. it is a stage that encourages the mission of digital India. Fund Transfers will presently be made easy with cash to account. You can send money easily and instantly to the bank and it will be available day and night and throughout the year and commonly known for the service that is available 24x7x365 and we believe that we should be available at your service any time you need or to help you in emergencies, that's why the Fund transfer service is available for you on Sundays and also on bank holidays and near door remittance facility is also available. This app is a highly secured, free SMS service that is present for a secure and instant transaction, and also instant alerts on your every transaction are available.

We come out to assure you the perfect web and mobile application. It’s our goal that we reach an agreement at your convenience when we help you with your Mini Bank Business and provide you services.